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Dr Marion Oettinger
Latin American Art and Folk Art
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Dear Marion,
Thank you again for your continued support of the Essence of Mexico

As required in our contract with SAMA, we are submitting our quarterly reports. We have elected to combine our second and third quarter reports into one very detailed update of our progress in the following categories: 1) editing/archiving; 2) electronic searchable database; 3) fundraising; and 4) staffing.

1) Progress on editing/archiving

It took 3 months to get the Collection in order to begin work on it, as noted on the last report. We are pleased to report that we are now about 1/3 complete with the editing/cataloguing.

There are several factors to our slow start. One significant delay occurred because four years of images from Carnivals in the Huastecan region, an entire long box, were thoroughly churned as a result of many edits and selections for exhibitions and slideshows over the years, in our constant attempts to raise money for the project. These images are from small communities that represent an entire region where Mr. Jackson was trying to get an overall picture of the fascinating subject of body painting. The fact that they came from many locales visited several times over a four year period, necessitated putting them all back together in their proper years, then reconstructing the chronology in which they were shot; later finding another large batch and having to do it all over again.


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