In addition to those that had the vision and good taste to provide the important funding used to accomplish it, this project most likely would have never been realized without the crucial support of Gracie Hamilton Cavnar, whose generous and enthusiastic involvement early on resulted in its organization, giving it the credibility to continue.

I would also like to recognize Dr. Marion Oettinger, whose early interest and enthusiasm ratified that credibility.

I am extremely grateful to Jody Blazek and Jon Lunstroth, creators and organizers of The Houston Artists Fund, which became fiscal agent for the project on January 1,1996; and appreciate the efforts put forth by the influential accounting firm of Blazek and Vetterling, which administered its funding.

Also, Dr. Marina Ballantyne Walne, who became Project Director at the same time, has kept the project on track ever since!

Also, Amanda York, for her important input into the project including the organization of the information in the project's online compendium.



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